Start a Successful Career in Fashion | Tips for Starting a Fashion Career

Six tips on Starting a Successful Career in fashion

Starting a successful fashion career

In today’s economy most of the people want to have creative career change. You know it is never too late in life to pursue a creative career. But the question is how do we make career change without sacrificing financially or how do the career change process is started. If you have a passion of fashion and dream to change your career, you should consider the following 6 steps for starting a fashion career.

These are the six golden steps for staring career in fashion industry.

Six Golden Tip for Staring a Successful Fashion Career

Change your Image

First of All you have change your image. It should reflex your designs or your style.  It means, you may have to work on your wardrobe, your looks or even your lifestyle. As a fashion designer or a fashion stylist, our dressing may opens opportunity for you.  I highly recommend you wear at least one piece of what you made on, before leaving home.

Clarify your passion

Choose the Career you want to transfer to and set your goals and stick to it.  When you have your goal setup, It will be more easier to move forward and make the career change.

Find a mentor

You should find some experienced and trusted advisor to avoid expensive mistakes. Even if you start very small Ask for help when you don’t know something. There are many people, you can find in LinkedIn or Instagram who can helps you. Find tutorial or useful video to avoid mistakes.

Always be prepared for great opportunity

you should have to set business card, portfolio, Instagram page or maybe a website. Even if you start very simple, you should have some direct link to show people what are you doing. By being prepared for unexpected opportunities, you will get them much easier than you imagine; Because most of the time you have only 30 seconds to present what you interested in doing.

Respect and understand the annual calendar for fashion industry

Participating in trade shows, fashion shows, fashion events and fashion weeks is very crucial. You will learn so much in such fashion events. It almost like taking another school course. Therefore you should understand what those calendars are where and when you need to be. You should set aside some time to them. without knowing the fashion calendar you may miss the opportunity to involve them.

Never underestimate your current skill sets

During your current field, you gain many skills. most of them will translate to your new creative career. Beside the environment you worked in, your skills and disciplines make a positive effect on your new fashion career. This skills gives you extra edge. discipline is one of them

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