How to Sketch a Fashion Figures Back | In 5 Simple Steps

Course 3 : Fashion Figures Back

How to sketch fashion figures back step by step

Hi friends, Today I want to teach you the best and easiest way to sketch fashion figures back. Follow these simple steps and learn how to draw fashion figures back in 3 minutes. Don’t escape this course because you will need to draw back pose for showing the garments back details. The fashion figures back proportion and segmentation are similar to the front pose. So if you haven’t yet studied fashion figures frontal pose course, study and practice it before starting.


To Do this course, you will need white bond paper A3, design board size A3, automatic pencil and eraser.

How to sketch Fashion Figures back

Blocking the figures back

  • With a little space draw a vertical line form up to drown. Divide it into 8.5 equal sections.
  • Draw the head, on the first section.
    The head length is the figure’s body length measurement unit and head width is your figures body width measurement unit.  Don’t forget just like frontal pose, the head width should be exactly 2/3 of head length. So try to draw it flawless.
  • Draw the shoulder-line, waist-line, and hip-line respecrively at the places 1.5, 3 and 4 in width 1, 1.25 and 2 head width.
  • Draw basic shape of figures hands and feet exactly same as front  pose.

The foot shape form back pose can be seen shorter than the frontal pose. So that, divide the lase 1/2 section into three equal sections. In the up 2/3, draw the foot shape into a small trapezoid.



How to draw Figures Back Muscles

  • From the back view, the neck starts slightly upper.
    To determine the exact location of starting, divide the head length into three equal sections. The middle of down 1/3 is the starting point of the neck from the back view.
  • Draw the necklines at a distance of 1/2 head width, on both sides of the centerline.
  • Divide the distance between chin and bust into three equal sections just like the front view. Extend the necklines to the first 1/3.
  • The shoulder slope in the back is slightly more convex than the front. Therefore draw the shoulder 1mm fatter.
  • Indicate the spine a little lower than the shoulder-line to the waist-line.
    You will need these markings, later in coloring fashion figure.
  • From the end of the second section, specify the shoulder blades on both sides of the centerline.
  • In the figures back, the armpit just starts form below the shoulder joints. Draw the distance from armpit to near the bust line slightly fatter (1mm) than front.
  • Draw a curve line a little inside, 1/3 up the waistline and 1/3 down the waistline.
  • Draw the hip, slightly more circular than front view.
  • To draw the hip, at first you have to specify the crotch. It is located a little lower than fornt pose. Do down about 3mm and mark.
  • The hip shape is drawn in two cheeks that placed one on the other. Divide the distance between the waistline and hip line into three equal sections. A little lower than first 1/3, is the place that the cheeks start.
  • Draw the cheeks as shown.

Figures Foot in Back View

  • The foot crotch is seen as a hole. So draw feet to knee with somewhat distance of inside.
  • Draw the outside parts of the feet form hips to knee.
  • From knees to ankles, draw just like front view. The feet shape in back pose are similar to front pose but isted of drawing knee, draw \_/ shape to indicate knee back.
  • Draw the ridge of ankles bone and also feet.


How to Draw Figures hand

  • Draw outside of  hand with 1mm distance form basic shape.
  • Form the back of the figure, parts of hands can’t be seen. Therefore draw the inside of hand slightly lower than the bust line.
  • the hands from back pose are seen as a pinky finger,  a part of thumb and the shadow of the other fingers. So draw the hands of the fashion figure and specify the elbow as a U shape.

Translated by : Mina Khosravi

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