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Fashion Figure drawing without guideline

Fashion Figure Drawing without Guidelines

Hello friends,  As a beginner in fashion design, you certainly want to sketch a fashion figure without guidelines and punctuation. Therefore in this post I show you how to design a fashion figure without drawing  guideline. I named it offhand fashion figure drawing.

The offhand fashion figure drawing is very simple, but first of all, you must learn the linear and wooden design of fashion figure (Planing fashion figure body) and drawing body muscles. So if you have not already been training them, re-review the previous posts.


Fashion Figure Drawing without guideline

  • First of all draw the upside down egg shape for figure’s head. In the middle of head draw ear in one side and mirror it in the opposite side.

The technique of mirroring is very simple. Specify raised or drowned points and draw straight lines, parallel to them then spot the dots on the lines and attach points to the end.

  • The width of the neck is 1/2 head width. Draw two curved line in 1/2 head length.
  • Draw the neck muscle line.
  • Draw curve lines with gentle slope form the neck to the shoulder tip. Remember the width of shoulder in 1 head width in each side.
  • Draw curve line from the beginning of shoulder tip to bottom of neck. It is the clavicle bone.
  • For designing the bust, Imagine a 1/2 head width diagonal line from shoulder tip, At this point draw the circular shape of breast.
  • Mirror the second breast, but keep in mind, the distance between two breast is 1/4 head width.
Fashion figure drawing without guidelines - fashion design for beginners - step 1

Drawing fashion figure lower body without guideline


  • The crotch is located nearly 4 head down form top of figure’s head. Find approximate position of crotch and draw a 1/4 head width line.
  • Draw curve line from chest to waist ( The waist is half way between bust and crotch).
  • Draw anther curved line from waist to the knee.
  • Draw the outside leg curving out  the cap muscles and in at the ankle
  • Draw the inside muscles with the lower muscles going out and the ankle slightly higher than outside ankle.
  • Indicate the shoe on the foot.

You can draw taller legs, but keep in mind that the distance between crotch and knee should not be higher Than knee to wrist.

  • To draw the other side of the body, indicate the location of waist, hip. Draw line form bust to waist point and from waist to hip and knee.
  • Draw the inside of the foot from crotch to knees and knee to ankle.
  • Indicate the shoe on the foot.
Fashion figure drawing without guidelines - fashion design for beginners - step 3

Drawing the figures hands

  • Draw curve line from shoulder tip to elbow and from elbow to wrist of the hand. ( the elbow is in the level of waistline)
  • To design the inside of the hand, draw line From armpit witch is under the breast to elbow and the wrist.
  • Finally design the hand and figures as I described before.
  • Do The same steps for opposite hand.

Finally it is done. This is simple Technique for drawing fashion figure without guideline. As you see it is not so hard. If you want to sketch like professional fashion designer you have to practice more. I recommended draw at least 10 offhand fashion figure.

What is next ? Draw beautiful face for your figure and color body, face and hair with markers.

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