Sewing for Beginners : How to sew straight line and corner

Sewing Course for beginners (Lesson #1)

Hello friends. Welcome to the first SarvinStyle online sewing course. If you haven’t experience in sewing, or you have never worked with sewing machines, don’t worry this free sewing for beginners is just for you. I ‘m going to teach you basic sewing with the best online training method. If you still haven’t been familiar with the sewing equipment and also the usage of them read the relevant post before starting.

Best sewing practice for beginner

Sewin for beginners - sewing practice sheet

For beginners, sewing straight lines is not an easy task. From one side, you need to focus on the direction of sewing, and on the other hand, you need to arrange the sewing machine speed with the amount of press on the Foot Pedal. Just like the first driving experience, the control of sewing machine speed also requires training and experience. So before learning any other skill about sewing, you need to learn sewing straight lines.

In order to practice sewing straight lines, download and print the following sewing practice sheet. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can draw these straight lines on a piece of paper. This sewing practice will be done on the paper.

How to sew a straight line

  • For doing this,  it doesn’t need to thread the sewing machine.  So if it has been threaded before, separate main thread and bobbin.
  •   List the lever of the presser foot and place the practice sheet number 1 which is straight sewing. The beginning of the first line must be located exactly under the needle.
  • By using the Hand Weel, slowly insert the needle at the beginning of the first line.
    Remember you must always rotate the Hand Wheel to your side, not the other side.
  • Bring the Presser Foot down by helping the Lever.

You have to use your left hand to control the sewing path. Always put your left hand on the fabric as shown in the figure. The tip of the pointer finger must be aligned with the needle. Continue sewing to near the thumb. Then lift your foot from the Foot Pedal and relocate your hand to put the pointer finger again in the first place.

  • When you reach the end of the line, raise the Presser Foot by using the Lever and move the paper, so that the needle placed just above the second line.
  • In the same way, sew the rest of the lines.
  • Continue this practice until you can sew the straight line without any problems..

How to sew a corner Seams

  • Take the second sewing practice sheet as explained above, start sewing from the beginning of the line.
  • Continue sewing the line up to near the corner, manually turn the wheel until you get to the corner.
  • Put the needle at this point.
  • The needle must be inserted inside the paper.N ow lift the lever and rotate the paper 90 degrees to place on the sewing path.
  • Continue sewing the line to the near second corner.
  • In the same way, continue sewing to the endpoint.
  • Repeat this practice several times to be skillful in changing the sewing direction.

These two sewing practices are the best ways to learn how to sew for absolute beginners. You might think that simple sewing doesn’t need to practice,  but without doing that, the sewing straight line will be tilted.  you ‘ll force to split the sewing.  Sewing requires patience so don’t hurry and do the practice carefully.

The next lesson is about how to sew the different kinds of sewing by using a home sewing machine. After doing the practice you can perform the first sewing project that is sewing bag with your old denim.

Reference: Sew It Academy

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