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How to Set Invisible Zipper

Learn how to Sew Invisible zipper with zipper foot

Hi friends, Today I want to show you how to sew invisible zipper. The invisible zipper is one of the easiest zipper types to saw. It look clean and professional because the machine stitching is not visible from the right side of garment. You can use them for back or side of dress, pencil skirt or for any type of dress you want to look seamless.

Invisible zipper - Easy way to sew
Tools & Supplies to Sew Invisible Zipper

invisible zipper
Invisible zipper foot
Zipper foot
Two piece of fabric 6” to 12”

Setting Invisible Zipper with Invisible Zipper Foot

  • Open up the zipper and press the curled zipper teeth with iron to lay slightly flat
  • Identify fabrics right side, put your fabric right side up and place zipper face down on the fabric. left ¼ inch between the zipper tape and the edge of fabric and pin the zipper to the garment. For the thick or slippery fabrics hand baste the zipper to the garment to keep it in place during the sewing process.
  • Insert the invisible zipper foot into your machine, position the zipper teeth under the proper groove in the presser foot. stitch the pinned zipper until you reach the end of zipper or where the zipper should end in your garment. backstitch
  • For the opposite side do the same steps, pin the zipper to the garment and make sure zipper face down on the right side of the fabric. before any sewing close the zipper to make sure you pinned correctly.
  • unzip and saw the zipper as you did for the other side but make sure the zipper coil is in the right side of groove of the foot.
  • The last step is to sew the seam below the zipper using a regular zipper foot. Remove the invisible zipper foot with standard zipper foot. put the foot to the left of the zipper and start for ¼” above the end of zipper and stitch as close to the zipper. sew down to Complete the seam.
  • press it with the iron to finish the process.

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