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Drawing Relaxed Standing Pose

Hi Darling, today I show how to draw female relax standing pose with 10 head proportion. Follow this simple tutorial to learn fashion figure designing ...
fashion design tutorial - relax standing pose
Hi friends, today I will show you how to draw female relaxed standing pose. For better understanding read female frontal pose first.

Drawing Relaxed Standing pose

How to draw Relax standing pose in fashion drawing Step 1
  • Draw the same center line with 10 head equal section, posted earlier in female front pose.
  • Draw head as a upside down egg shape
  • Map the shoulder line, waistline and hipline in the 1 ½ , ۳ ½ and 4 ½ head from the top of the center-line
  • For this pose the shoulder is sloped, draw the line in 1 ½ head of centerline. The hip line is also sloped but in opposite direction, draw it in 4 ½ head of centerline. This consent is called contrapposto. The waist and hipline always are in same direction and create a kind of box. The shoulder line and bust line are also in same direction and create another box. The relation between hip box and shoulder box create your contrapposto pose.
Note : when we draw shoulder higher in one side, the hip goes lower at the same side. In the other side we should draw shoulder lower and hip higher. This concept of shifting body weight is called S curve
How to draw Relax standing pose in fashion drawing Step 3
  • The S curve always start at the hollow of the neck and depends on curve of body is. Draw the S curve which is ending up and the end of centerline.
  • Measure the half of distance between the ankle to the hip. This is your model’s knee cap.
  • Draw the triangle at the last head section, this is your left foot and ankle.
  • To draw the other leg start from hip position on the plumb line. You can draw the leg out or take the knee out and bring the foot back closer to the plumb line
  • Mark the width of the shoulder line equal to 3 cheek width, next draw small circle at the end of the shoulder line. This is model’s shoulder socket.
  • For drawing the arm you need to find elbow measurement, As I mentioned in female frontal pose the elbow position is related to waist point but for this figure the shoulder line is sloped, So elbow should flow the shoulder slope, low in the left side and high in the right side. Connect the shoulder socket to the elbow and then to the wrist.
  • Draw the neck and then connect halfway between end of the head and shoulder line in center line to the arm socket. This is models shoulder shoulder slope.
For developing your figure follow the steps bellow, It is better to use a marker but you can use a pencil as well.
How to draw Relax standing pose in fashion drawing Step 4
  • Draw the head, ear, eye, nose and mouth , hairline then draw the neck muscle and shoulder
  • For the bustline start below the arm socket at the armpit, draw a curve line to form the bust resting on the box do the same for the other side.
  • Draw a lines for torso on the both side to the hip, and mark belly button two finger down the waist on center-line
How to draw Relax standing pose in fashion drawing Step 5
  • Draw  a panty and then draw bra and clavicle
  • draw Diagonal dotted line on the one third down of the outside leg to indicate the high and low muscles and on the ankle bone do the opposite Diagonal dotted line to indicate inside and outside ankle the draw the outside leg curving out for the calf muscle and in at the ankle. Draw the inside leg and indicate the shoe. Indicate the kneecap.
  • Draw the inside of the left leg the outside of leg flow the inside leg until you reach the knee, the kneecap is not drawn round you should draw it with ankle to it. Continue leg line to the ankle. Draw the inside of right leg but don’t forget the curve in calf muscle.
  • Draw foot and shoe detail
  • Draw the left arm and indicate hand and fingers.
  • For the left arm the torso block part of arm. Place the arm so that the hand rest behind the leg
  • Erase all pencil markings

This is your finished female relax standing pose. It is better to draw it again and again until you satisfied with your drawing. It is the secret of success in better fashion drawing.

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