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Overlocked Hem Finish

Hi friends, today I want to show you how to finish hem. Finishing the raw edge of hem on any project, not only make inside of the garmennts look nicer and more professional, it adds durability and give your hem a longer life.  There are several methods for sewing hem including Serged overlock and ZigZag or Mock Overlock.

How to finish hem

  • Overlock the raw edge of hem
  • With a ruler measure up 1 inch from the width of the hem, then fold it up and press with iron
  • Pin the hem and sew the hem by machine  or sew invisible stitch by hand
TIP : The easy way to measuring and folding up the hem is creating a paper and with a roller daw 1, 1 ½ , 2 , 3  inch guides Lines. then place the fabric on 1 ½ guide and iron it. use this technique for all around the hem.

A serger overlock  is one of the best ways to get finished seams on sewing project but if you don’t own a serger, you can use zigzag or mock overlock stitch to make your hems strong and nice. for single layer of fabric the three step zigzag is better option, it sews three little stitch instead of sewing one stitch with each zig and zag.  This helps prevent the zigzag from making a ridge in the fabric.

There are two ways to finish seams using zigzag stitch.

  1. for straight hem or seams, zigzag the edges so there is no excess fabric and that might prevent trimming.
  2. First saw seam using correct seam allowance, then zigzag next to the seam allowance and trim away excess fabric. this method is good for curved hems or seams

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