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Growing Modest Fashion Industry

Modest fashion

Hello dear friends, today I want to talk about Islamic fashion or modest fashion industry, which has made a lot of noise these days and has attracted many fans and followers in the world, especially among Western countries. Given the high population of Muslims around the world, the need to change the coverage of Muslim women from tents or burqa is felt to be beautiful, colorful, and modern Islamic dress. Fortunately, for several years, fashion designers around the world have begun their activities in Islamic fashion, but due to the high income potential and the large supply market that Islamic clothing still does not have the Islamic style to the place that deserves it.

Currently, the countries of Turkey and Indonesia are leading in the Islamic fashion industry, and on the other hand, the United Arab Emirates with huge investment has taken significant steps towards converting Dubai into the Modest Fashion capital. The reason for this investment is the high value of the Islamic fashion market, which was estimated at  2.9$ billion in 2010. New statistics are more exciting. According to the Islamic Economics Organization, Muslims spent  266$ billion on clothing in 2013, which is projected to reach  499 billion dollar in 2019.

Unfortunately, despite the many advances that Iranian designers have achieved in designing dresses and tailor-made manteau , they are not well-known in the Islamic world. Considering the mentioned statistics and high incomes of this industry, it can be concluded that addressing this issue and putting forward in the world in the field of Islamic fashion will have a positive impact on the economy of the country. Regardless of income generation, which is a dimensional issue, this will be of great help in a variety of ways, such as cultural exchanges, tourism, and ultimately globalization. The purpose of writing this article is to make readers aware of the importance of this issue and, given the very high ability of our dominant designers, why not enter the field of competition for globalization and becoming an Islamic capital?

In the next posts, we will try to introduce some of the beautiful clothes of Iranian designers, which is make the artist more brilliant on the red carpet. In the next steps, we intend to introduce the successful Iranian designers with their Last collections.

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