Making Spaghetti Straps without Loop Turner| Sewing Tutorial

Professional Techniques to make Perfect Spaghetti Straps

Learn how to make Perfect & Simple Speghetti Straps

Hi honey, in this lesson I will show you how to make perfect tiny Spaghetti Straps with simple and easy method. The spaghetti straps looks so pretty on elegant pieces like lingerie and evening gowns but it can be hard to turn inside out especially very narrow ones. You will learn how to make it more painless with using my simple techniques.

Making Spaghetti straps - tutorial - step 1
Making Spaghetti straps - tutorial - step 3
  • With a clear plastic roller draw the diagonal line on bais line of the fabric from one corner of the fabric to the other corner. Draw another line 1 ¼” apart of the first line. This will be your spaghetti stripe.
  • With a scissor cut both side of stripe.
  • Fold the bias stripe in half and pin along the edges from one end of the stripe to the other but you need to take care when handling the stripe because the bias strip will stretch so it is better to pin it on the table.
  • With a clipper or scissor cut the pointed edge of bias stripe.
Making Spaghetti straps - tutorial - step 2
Making Spaghetti straps - tutorial - step 4
The easiest way for turning the fabric is using a loop turner, but is you don’t have a loop turner you can use tapestry or darning needle as demonstrated bellow.

Making Spaghetti straps without loop turner Tutorial

  • Sew the stripe with 3/16” away from the folded edge remove the pins as you saw. BE SURE to solidly backstitch at both ends
  • Now, take your needle and slip it on through your fabric at one end. Give it an extra stitch or two to reinforce it.
  • Insert your needle from butt end into stripe tube and Pull it all the way through to the other side of the tube.
  • Maintaining gentle pressure via the needle thread, use your fingers to start pushing the fabric to the inside. It shouldn’t need much, just maybe a half inch or so to get it turning properly.
  • Now gently pull your tube of fabric inside out, using the thread from your needle to pull it through. It should turn in pretty easily.
  • Trim the ends with scissor
  • Pin one end of spaghetti strap to the ironing board create the straight line and pin the other end of strap.
    Hover the iron over the strap and steam the strap
    Once the strap is cools off measure your desire length and cut it off

Reference : University Of Fashion

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