Stylist course 1 : Style therapy - What is your style personality ????

Style Therapy – Styling Course 1

Stylist course - What is your style personality ?

Thank you so much for taking the first steps of improving personal style with me. The great style comes from self-analyzing and discovering your own style personality. The fact is that all of us have a beautiful vision of our personal style, but unfortunately sometimes because of being busy, we don’t have time to put things together for the perfect look. Or maybe we are waiting for a special occasion for wearing our favorite items. whatever the excuse be, from today you have to make yourself ready for a big change.

Before starting to learn style tips and tricks, you must have careful consideration of your current image. By answering these questions you will be ready for a big change. Then close your eyes and imagine your most stylish look. Now open your eyes and with honestly answer these questions below.

Identify your fashion style

  1. Describe your personality in 5 words.
  2. describe your style in 5 words.
  3. What color is best for your style
  4. what is your hair color and style and who or what inspired you
  5. what color lip do you wear on a special night out
  6. describe your favorite item in your closet
  7. What was the last item you purchased
  8. what is your signature perfume

Are ready for challanging questions ? Please answer honestly. It is the only why to make progress in your pesonal style.


Style therapy

  1. List the last three outfits you wore. Today, Yesterday and the day before. No excuses are accepted just list.
  2. Look at these three outfits you listed. If someone met you for the first time in the past three days. Do your looks reflect your answers to question A1?
  3. Do those three looks reflect your answers to question A2?
  4. Did you wear lipstick this week? today? If the answer is yes, was it the same shade as the shade you’d wear on the night out?
  5. Did you style your hair today? Yesterday?
  6. Let’s go back to your favorite item in your closet. how often you really wear it? Daily? weekly? Do you save it for special occasions?
  7. Now let’s go back to the last item you bought. have you worn it yet?
  8. Do you spray your signature perfume as part of your morning routine? Are you wear it right now?


Now, I think you get the point and aware importance of learning fashion styling. Most of us have a really beautiful vision of our personal style but likely it isn’t being reflected in our daily outfit.  Our closets are filled with things we had to have. We know what we like, we buy what we like but we don’t live that stylish story.  So, If you have decided to change your style or want to improve your style, follow me in sarvinstyle fashion styling course.


reference : The way she wears it by Deckle Edge

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I love this. It actually helping understand my personal style much more better than before. Thank you.

Great questions for self-reflection!

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Thank you . Really I feel really ashamed bcoz I’m doing nothing for my self

This is nicee

Yes it is something to think.about how to put everything together .that will look good. And i am willing to learn i can be a fashion stylist.

Where can I apply for fashion styling course for free

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Awesome! Where can I apply for fashion styling course for free?

How and what are the procedure I need to follow to be able to apply for fashion styling

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