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How to Draw Female Back Pose | Fashion Drawing

Hi, in this lesson I will teach you how to draw female back pose. The back view will allow you to show your design from another angles and you can show the gorgeous back detail of your designs. ...

Hi, in this lesson I will teach you how to draw female back pose. The back view will allow you to show your design from another angles and you can show the gorgeous back detail of your designs.
I start by blocking the figure and then drawing the muscles with an easy method. Just follow the steps, you can easily draw your second fashion figure and use it as a template for drawing your designs.

… By following My simple tutorials and step by step guides you will learn how to draw fashion croquis and will able to realize your designs on paper.

For drawing the back pose, use the same 10 head proportion, posted earlier in How to draw Female frontal pose.

  • Draw the model head in the first head section
  • Map the shoulder line, waistline and hip-line in the 1 ½ , 3 ½ head and 4 ½ head from the top
  • Mark the shoulder width equal to 3 cheeks width.
  • Mark the waist width equal to 2 cheeks width.
  • Draw the arm sockets, small circle on the both end of shoulder line.
  • For measuring the hip line, draw the narrow lines from the inner side of arm socket circle to the hip line, this is your figure hip width
  • Draw the shoulder slope, from the centerline point halfway between end of the head to the shoulder line and connect it to the both arm sockets
  • The neck width is half of head width, draw the neckline to the shoulder slope and connect these two line with half circle, the curve goes above head shape.
  • To complete the torso, connect inside of arm socket to the waist and then with rounded line to the hip line
  • Draw a triangle on the last head section this indicate space for ankle and feet
  • To frame the leg connect the line from hip to the bottom of centerline on both side
  • Then find the knee position by dividing the measurement between ankle to the hip in half. Indicate the back knee with the letter H.
  • To draw the arms you need to know the elbow measurement. When the hands hangs down the elbow is the level of waistline. Draw small circle and connect the both side of arm socket circle to the elbow. The same measurement is repeated for the forearm, take the measurement from shoulder to the elbow and repeat it, this will give you the wrist position. Draw the circle and with two lines connect the elbow to the wrist. Then draw the hand which is smaller than head.
  • For drawing the other arm first make a pendulum with your pencil with the same height as upper arm measurement. Pivot out the pendulum, this the ark of elbow position. Draw elbow circle on this ark, where you decide the elbow go and draw the upper arm and forearm and indicate the hand.
Congratulations you finished the planning the back view. Flow the steps bellow to develop your back body sketch. For this part you need a marker but you can use a pencil as well.
  • Draw the back head and ear
  • Draw neck from base of the hairline to the shoulder slope
  • Indicate hairline with dotted line, it is shaped like a triangle from the ear to almost end of the head
  • Draw shoulder to the arm socket in the both side
  • Draw the curve line from under the arm to the waist and dotted the shoulder blades
  • By your pencil draw two rounded circles indicating the cheeks make sure that cheeks ends lower than hip-line. Continue with marker, draw panty and the back of the bra as a curve line. Draw triangle shape on the back it will be helpful when drawing jeans.
  • Draw inside and outside of the leg to the knee.
  • For drawing muscles from knee to the ankle draw Diagonal dotted line on the one third down of the outside leg to indicate the high and low muscles and on the ankle bone do the opposite Diagonal dotted line to indicate inside and outside ankle just like frontal pose
  • Draw the back of the foot and high heel and shoe
  • Draw the H sign on the knee but for looking more natural angle the H at the top
  • Draw the outside of the arm to the elbow and inside of the under arm to the elbow, the draw the forearm to the wrist and indicate the fingers. For the right hand’s indicate elbow by small upside-down v.
  • Erase all pencil markings

This is your finished female back pose. If you are not satisfied with your drawing try it again. The secret of success in fashion drawing is try, try and try.


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