Free Pattern Making Courses - Learn How to Design Sewing Patterns

Pattern Making Lessons

Free Pattern Making Courses

Take our free pattern making courses to learn all you need for professional drafting. Learn how design sewing pattern, make basic sloper and change it variety of style by step-by-step and easy methods offering free and online. I will teach you every aspect of pattern making from taking the body measurement to creating distinctive designer pattern.

Free pattern making courses - learn how to design sewing pattern

Why is pattern making important?

Pattern making is the critical process of fashion design and enable you to translate your designs into the garment.You can work with commercial patterns and make cloths.While for creating your own designs you have to be expert in drafting and making sewing pattern. Take my Free pattern making course to learn how design sewing pattern. I offer you step by step and super easy method for drafting.

Learn Professional Pattern Making

I will Start with skirt patterns. First of all you will learn how to make basic skirt pattern. Then I will teach you how to create 9 main skirt patterns including tube skirt, different type of  A-line skirt, circle skirt and etc. After learning all these techniques you will be able to design any kind of skirt.

How Take Pattern Design and Drafting Courses, Steps and orders

To begin, first start by learning how to draft basic skirt pattern. then learn Tube skirt pattern and all kind of A-line skirt pattern.

… learn how to create fashion figure in different poses by step-by-step, easy methods offering free and online.

What You will learn ?

  • How to take the body measurement for pattern making.
  •  Draft pattern form body measurements.
  • Design basic pattern and slopers.
  • Designing all kind of skirts
  • Change Dart positions
  • Add style lines and create variety of garment styles
  • Modify basic sloper and create complex pattern

Free Online Pattern Making Courses