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Free online fashion design courses | Fashion Designing Lessons

Learn Fashion Drawing At Home

Are you looking for free online fashion design courses? Do you want to learn fashion design at home? you in a right place. I offer you Free online fashion design courses. No experience is needed. Take your first step towards becoming a fashion designer by following my free online fashion drawing lessons.

Fashion drawing is the first essential step in fashion designing field, I suggest don’t ignore it. Sketching your idea will help you to realize your designs on a paper before making a complete product. Therefore you can improve it or make a selection between fabric and right materials. Also you can save your idea for future.

How Take Fashion Design Courses, Steps and orders

First of all you should learn fashion figure drawing. There is two method for drawing fashin figure; Fast method and advance method. If you don’t what to spend more time for learning how to draw figure, follow the first method. But if you like to draw fashion figure like professional follow the second method.

In the both drawing method you should first should learn The planing of fashion figure and drawing muscles.

The next step is  learning how to draw face.

Then you should learn how to draw fashion figure in different angles and poses.

Advanced Method for drawing fashion figure

Design Figure movement
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Fast Method for drawing fashion figure

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