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Lesson 4: Draw Fashion Figure Poses

Online course for drawing female fashion figure gesture

Hi guys! Welcome to the fourth lesson of the online fashion design course. In this tutorial you will learn how to design a rotational fashion figure (Different fashion figure pose and gestures). The word “rotational” here refers to drawing a figure in a variety of postures and gestures. You will need such a figure to illustrate the details of garments. So if you have already gone through the previous lessons (front view fashion figure, back view fashion figure, how to draw hands), get yourself a pencil and a piece of paper and follow the steps outlined below.

a step-by-step guide to draw fashion figure Poses:

rotational fashion figure


  •  At the very beginning, we need to draw a symmetry line. Draw a straight vertical line from top to the bottom of the page, leaving some space above and below the line. Then, divide the line into 8.5 equal sections.
  • The waist is our starting point to draw a rotational fashion figure. Using your pencil, measure the distance between the waist and the shoulder. Rotate your pencil in the desired direction and place a dot. Then, connect the waist point to this dot. By doing so the symmetry line of the upper torso is shifted.
  • Draw the shoulder line perpendicular to the new symmetry line and make it 2 heads wide.
  • At the waist point, perpendicular to the symmetry line, draw a waist line of a head’s width.
Step by step tutorial : female fashion figure drawing step 1
  • Now you have to specify the symmetry line of the lower torso which is between the waist and hips. Again, from point 3, draw a head long line with the desired angle.

Note: In order for your figure to be static, the waist line and the shoulder line should create an angle. That is, if the curvature of the shoulder line is to the left, the tilt of the hip line has to be in the opposite direction.

  • Perpendicular to the symmetry line of the lower torso, draw the hip line with a length of 2 heads wide.
  • Now connect the dots.
Step 2 : Drawing fashion figure with guidelines.
  • Draw the bust line on the first 1/3 of the upper torso.
  • Identify both the end of the ribs and the beginning of the hip bone bulge (1/3 above and below the waist line) with a line and erase the lines between these two.
  • Draw a ½ head long line in the middle of the neck in the desired direction and tilt.
  • Now draw the head with the same principles as described in the full-faced front view design.
Step 3 : How to draw torso of fashion figure

Principles: How to draw female legs Step by Step

Standing or static leg

In order to design this figure, we will design the static leg on the central line with the other leg in some distance from the static line. With that being said, follow the steps down below to learn how to draw the leg of a rotational fashion figure.

Note: The leg with the higher hip line is called the static leg which is in charge of bearing the body weight. In order to maintain balance, either the static leg must be in the middle of the body or both legs must be equally distanced from the static line. For designing sportswear, it is better to draw both legs at the same distance from the midline; however, the static leg on the midline would be a better choice in designing formalwear such as evening gowns. Therefore, there will be more body curve and the figure will look more appealing.

  • Draw a straight line from the knee joint to the symmetry line so as to identify the direction of the leg.
  • Draw the knee joint circle at 2 head lengths below the hip joint.
  • Draw the circle representing the ankle joint at 2 head lengths below the knee joint 2.
  • At this point, complete the skeletal form of the leg the way we did in the front view fashion figure.
  • Draw the lines representing the feet for ½ the length of a head.

Note: The higher the heel of the shoe, the longer the surface of the feet.

Step 4 : drawing Standing leg of fashion figure

Non-Standing foot design

  • For this figure the opposite leg is to be drawn slightly away from the standing leg. Draw a straight line following the end of the hip line down to the desired point.
  • In order to find the location of the knee, go 2 head lengths down from the top of the hip joint and mark. Draw the hip joint circle above the marked point.

Note: If you place the marked area as the center of the hip joint, the thigh will be longer than normal. So make sure to place the joint right above the marked point.

  • Draw the ankle joint 2 head lengths below the knee joint.
  • Now complete the skeletal form of the non-standing foot.
آموزش طراحی جسچر فیگور : مرحله پنج طراحی مانکن چرخشی
Fashion design Lessons : step 7 of drawing female fashion figure.

How to draw the arms of a fashion figure in different postures

  • The length is equal to the length of the upper body, so draw the arm joint in the desired place at a distance of 1.5 head length from the shoulder joint.
  • The length of the forearm is equal to a head length as well. Therefore, draw the wrist joint in the desired place at the length of 1 head from the arm joint.

Note: If the hand moves upwards, the shoulder joint rotates accordingly. So if you want the hand to be in a higher position, you have to draw the shoulder joint on the shoulder line. Because the joint bulge has to be presented while adding muscles to the figure.

Adding muscles to a rotational fashion figure

  • Draw the figure from neck to shoulders.
  • Draw the neck dent as well as the clavicle bone.
  • First, draw the outer part of the arm near the skeletal line and draw the inner part afterwards.
  • Draw the shape of the breasts using semicircles.
  • Curve the distance between the upper and lower torso trapezoids slightly.
  • Draw the V-line.
  • Add muscle to the legs in the same way as described before.
  • Specify the location of the knee using )(.
step 7 : Drawing fashion figure gestures
Step 9 : How to draw female fashion figures poses

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