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Online fashion and Clothing design Class is Going to Start

Tools and supplies for fashion designing

Finally, after many years of desire and regrets, I am able to continue my studies in the field of ” fashion design. The first session of the class was held this week. I must admit that I enjoyed every moment of it. Excellent and experienced tutor Ms. Mahsa Nasserzedeh increased my passion for learning although. From now on, I will share almost all the content and items provided in the class. This semester includes of these items: anatomy 1, dress design 1, pattern making, and basic sewing methods. So, make sure to follow my posts and not to miss the contents.

To the beginning , you only need pencil and eraser and ordinary A4 paper, but To continue classes, be sure to supply the following items.

  • A design board size of A3
  • Plain paper size of A4
  • White Bond paper A3
  • Pencil
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Pencil eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Color markers from brands Copic, Touch, Kurecolor, Quilo in line with your budget

Required marker colors

  • black and zero colors
  • Skin color

For skin you can afford one of following markers:

Copic: if you have enough budget you can buy markers no. E00, E000, E02, E07

Touch: if you want to provide with this brand, buy markers no. 132,133,142 or Yr27, Yr25, Yr16

KureColor: choose between 3 lines of color no. 416 to 422

Quilo: buy colors no. 300,302,304

painting models garment

Choose at least three colors, and buy them with two steps darker color.

Color pencil

If you already have color pencils, you can use them, but the “polychromos “ pencils from brand “faber-Castell” are the bests. It’s better to buy the complete set of Faber-Castell pencil but if your budget is limited you can only buy color numbers 186,188,189, 190, 280, 132, 179 and black, white,  pink for lips of figures and 3 different tonalities of gray.


So get the above items because the sarvinstyle online classes is going to start. First course is Planning Fashion Figure’s body.

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