Female Frontal Pose | Fashion Figure Design Tutorial for beginners

Planning Fashion Figure Body | Fashion Design Tutorial for beginners

Fashion Figure Design- Fashion Design Tutorial For beginners

Hello friends, Today I will teach you the easiest way for fashion figure design. In this post, we will take the first steps with the linear and wooden design of the fashion figure. In my previous fashion figure design tutorials I draw fashion figures in 10-headed proportion, but From hereafter, we will design a model with a more realistic  8.5 head proportion. In the future, after gaining enough skill and experience, you will learn how to create your personal fashion figure and use it as a signature in all your designs.

Note : The head length is body length measurement unit and head width is body width measurement unit.

Fashion Figure Head Design - Beginners

Learn how to draw fashion figure head

  • Draw a line and divide it to 3 equal section, this is center line of the head.
  • Draw a line in first section, with 2/3 head height
  • Draw circle in top 2/3
  • draw oval for chin and complete head egg share as shown in the picture.

First Step :  fashion figure Linear Design

  • Draw a line in the center of your page. This is your models center line.
  • From the top to the bottom of the middle line, draw 10 lines perpendicular to the middle line with the same distance. Of course, the distance between lines 9 and 10 should be half the distance between the other lines.
  • Number the lines. This is our 8th and a half scale.
  • Between lines 1 and 2, draw the Models head like inverted egg shape as described above.
  • Shoulder: Draw a vertical line in 1 1/2 head from the top of center-line. This is model’s shoulder line.
  • The shoulder width is equal to 2 head width. Mark it 1 head width in both side of center-line.
  • Waist: The figures waistline is located on line 4 and has a width of 1 1/4 of the head width (mark it on the both sides of the center-line)
  • Hip: hip line is on line 5 with the same width as shoulder, mark the width of the hip on both side of center-line.
  • Ankle: The ankle is located on line 9 and has a width of 1/4 width of the head. Mark the width of the ankle in the each side of the center-line.
  • Toes: The width of the fingers is 1/2 of the width of the head, and place them on line 10. To show the angle of the toes, stretch the middle line and attach it to the place of the toes on line 10.
  • Neck: The width of the neck is 1/2 width of the head. Draw the neck with two parallel lines and attach to the shoulder line.
  • Connect all marked points with straight lines.
Fashion Linear Figure Design- Fashion Design Tutorial For beginners
  • Shoulder tip: Shoulder tip has 1/4 head width, on the two sides of the shoulder line, specify the width of the shoulder tip.
  • Wrist: Mark the width of the wrist equal to 1/4 wide in two side of hip.
  • Hands: Divide between lines 5 and 6 in three equal section. The upper part is palm with a 1/2 head and second part is the fingers with a width of 1/4 heads, mark them in two the sides of the body.
  • Attach the shoulder tip, wrists palm and fingers.
  • The armpit is on line 3. Attach it to the the hips on line 5.
  • Shoulder slope: Separate the distance between the chin and the neck chest in three parts, attach the lower part to the shoulder tip on both sides of the body.

Congratulations, You finished the liner design of fashion figure. Follow the step bellow to finish the planing the figure body.

Fashion Linear Figure Design- Fashion Design Tutorial For beginners

wooden design of fashion figure

  • Draw small circles for joint including elbow, wrist, knee and ankle
  • The cuff line is located 1/4 head bellow the hip line with 1/4 head width wide. Draw the cuff line and connect it to both side of hip
  • Draw cylinder between the joints.

This is the planing the female front body. You should practice a lot. Do not forget the secrete of success in fashion design is practice, practice and practice. In the next post we will develop the front body sketch and  draw the muscles.

Fashion Figure Design- Fashion Design Tutorial For beginners

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In the Next post you will learn how to draw muscles.

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