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Drawing Walking Pose | Catwalk Model

آموزش گام به گام طراحی مانکن چرخشی

Hello friends, Today I will teach you one of the most popular fashion figure, walking pose or catwalk model.  To draw walking pose, you must You need to be familiar with Drawing Movement and Different Poses of Fashion Figure. If you have been practicing different pose of fashion figure, you will have no trouble in the drawing walking pose.  Prepare a pen and paper and do the following steps with me.

Drawing Female walking pose

  • Draw shoulder line, waist line, the hip line. Consider the distance these three between the lines.
    (The distance between the shoulder and waist is 1/5 head height, the distance between the waist to the hip is 1 head height)
  • Now rotated hip and waist line to desired axis. as described in Drawing movement of fashion figure.
  • In walking pose, hip and waist line
  • Rotate waist and hip lines to desired direction and shoulder line in opposite direction
  • Draw a curve line to indicate center line.
  • Mark the width of shoulder, waist and shoulder in the both side of center line.
  • connect the points though the lines to complete torso structure.

Drawing walking figures legs

   The foot whose pelvis is positioned higher due to the rotation of the hip line is supporting the weight of the body and should remain straight. This leg cannot be bent. otherwise, the pose look unnatural.

  • Image a straight line down from middle of neck. The supporting leg should slightly crossed through this line to maintain the balance of figure.
  • For supporting leg, Draw a line, from middle of the crotch to the knee and from the knee to the wrist. draw muscles around this line.

Draw back leg for walking figure

For drawing the back leg, consider the following tips.

  1. The knee of the back of the leg is slightly higher than the knee of the stationary foot.
  2. The ankle of back leg should be higher than front leg.
  3. The back leg should be narrower than front leg.
  4. The thighs of the back leg are narrower than the front leg
  5. The calf muscles should be more curved and shorten than supporting leg.
  6.  The back leg’s ankle will be narrower than the front leg ‘s ankle.
  • Draw small circles for knee and ankle. Draw line form hip to knee and form knee to ankle.
  • Draw outer leg to the knee and knee to ankle. The calf muscles should be bigger and more shorten than supporting leg.
  • Draw the inner leg to the knee.
  • Indicate shoe on the foot

Draw arm for catwalk model

Congratulation, It is donw. Clear the extra lines. Draw beautiful face and different hair for your figure (Lean how to design face for fashion figure). It is better to dress you figure and design clothes to get experience.

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