How to Draw Fashion Figures Muscles | Drawing muscles

Drawing Fashion Figures Muscles

Drawing muscles on fashion figures body

Dear followers, in this lesson We are going to draw muscles on our wooden figure which is 8.5 heads proportion. Take the wooden sketch you have already designed and follow the instructions below for drawing muscles and completing a fashion sketch.



Note: almost every curves that you need for designing different parts of body, looks like ( ~ ) 
So, practice drawing it in different size and angles, as a result you will be able to draw whole figure easily.

How Draw fashion figure muscles

  • Well, let’s start with the neck. Put two parentheses ) ( for the neckline.
  • Design the neck bumps with two oblique lines, one near the line 2 and another a little lower than it, connect them to the neck.
  • Draw shoulders in ~ form arc.
  • From the top of the head to the bottom line of the neck and draw the clavicle bone in ~ form arc.
  • For breasts, draw a small half- circle slightly above the line no.2, then continue with a larger one to the middle of the center-line.
    You can draw the figure’s breasts as big as you like.
  • On the other half of the body, repeat as the same. Of course, there should be a distance of 1/4 width of the head between two breasts. Continue slightly to the inside and form the waistline with the (~) arc form
Fashion design course - Drawing muscles

Drawing Muscles

  • Continue slightly to the inside and form the waistline with the ~ form arc
  • Again with this arc(~) design from the waist down to the knee. Curve knees slightly to inside.

Note: the hips should be slightly outlined and rounded out of the wooden figure lines.

  • Draw the same arc(~) from knee to ankle and finish it to toes. Specify the shoe lines.
  • Draw the other half of the figure in the same way.
  • You should show the figure’s underwear lines too.
  • Draw a fair straight line from the crotch to the knee and curve slightly to the end. Complete the inner part of the pelvis with a curve in the (~) form down from knees to legs.
Note that the calf muscles in women are slightly higher than the inside of the legs. Be sure to draw it correctly while designing legs.

Drawing Female hand’s Muscles

  • For drawing hands again we use arc(~). From shoulder to elbow draw a(~) and another (~) from elbow to wrist.
  • Attach inner part of the armpit to elbow with a straight line and continue to the wrist with a slight slope.
  • Go 1/2 head down from the waistline mark the belly button.
  • Draw a hypothetical line from the shoulder tip to the belly button to indicate the place of nipples.
Fashion design Tutorial - Drawing female body muscles

How to Draw hands

Now for drawing hands, you should consider the following points.

  1.  From the wrist to the beginning of the throat, there is a gap about 1/4 of the length of the head.
  2. There is a gap between the thumb and the index finger in the form of the curve. This gap deceased or increased depending on the position these two fingers.
  3. The thumb has 2 and other fingers has 3 knuckles.

Simple Steps to Draw Hand – Tutorial for Beginners

  • Draw wrist in two parallel lines.
  • At the end of each of these lines, draw a line with an approximate length of 1/4 head to the start of the thumb and a little bit more to start the finger.
  • From the start of your thumb, draw thumb in (~) form . Draw the inside of it with a curved line.
  • On the other side draw two little for index finger.
  • Extent the thumb curve line and eventually draw the knuckles.
  • From the next three fingers, only two first knuckles can be seen. Draw the three fingers and finish the hand design.
Draw hands - fashion design tutorial for beginners

Congratulations, the design of the figure has just come to an end. You need to practice more. In the next post I will teach you how to design fashion figure without guideline.

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