How to draw hands for fashion figure | Easy and Step-by-Step

Course 2: How to Draw Hands

How to draw hand for fashion figure

Drawing hand is one of the most challenging parts of figure drawing. But don’t worry, today I will show you how to draw hands easy and quick.

How to draw hands for fashion figure

Step-by-step totorial for drawing hands

The hand Size 3.4 head length. The hand width is larger than wrist width, which is 1/4 head width.

  • Draw a rectangle of the same size.

The hand is consists of two parts, the palm, and fingers. when the hand is falt, plum’s length is the same as the finger’s length. But when it curves, wrist length will be shorter.

  • Transform the rectangle shape into the form above.
Lean to draw hand fast and easy

How to design fingers in dress design

  • Look at your hand. The outer side of the thumb is lower than wrist.
  • When the thumb is closed, the line between the thumb and the palm, is almost in the middle of your hands. But when you open the thumb, this line slightly lower.
  • draw the thumb, but don’t forget the thumb is consists of two knuckle.

The first knuckle of the thumbs is along with other fingers. This line is not straight and curves to the outside depending on the forms of your fingers.

The rest of the fingers have three knuckles. But in fashion illustration, It is drawn with two knuckles. The second and third knuckles are drawn as one. The first knuckle is shorter than the second one.

  • Draw pointer finger matching the fingertips curve line.
  • Draw the middle finger a little taller than the others and the ring finger thinner than the middle finger.
  • you can draw baby finger pull out, to look better and beautiful.
How to draw hands, fast and pro

Key points for more attractive hand design

Tips: In order to have more attractive and charming design, you can use a small trick.  Press the three fingers and separate the other one. This small change makes the design look coquetry and more attractive.

I suggest you, practice hand in proper dimensions of your fashion figure. This means if you are working on A3 paper, the size of the hand should be about 2.5 to 3 centimeters. By practicing in real size, you can draw a figure’s hand much faster.

Try to draw hands in different directions.

For more practice, try to design hands with the same principles but in different modes and directions. You can use the forms below to practice more. If you practice more you will be able to design hands without looking at the images.

In the next post, I will share 3 practical hand pose in fashion illustration. These are  3/4 front hand on the hip thumb visible, front pose hand on the hip thumb isn’t visible and runway walking pose, hand along the body. Until then practice more.

hand pose for drawing

SOURCE image above: Fashion sketch Book

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