How to draw Figure Movement and Poses - Fashion Design Tutorial

Drawing Movement and Different Poses of Fashion Figure

Fashion Design Tutorial - Figure movement and poses

Hello, Today I want to show you how to draw figure movement and different poses and gesture. By learning it will be able to design your figure in different poses with a slight turn of the head and hips and changing the position of the hands and feet. In this way, your designs will be more attractive and professional. As result you will be able to display the details of your clothes. So if you’ve got the experience in the drawing Fashion Figure designing without guideline, get along with me to learn how to design body movement and poses.

Draw Posing for fashion figure

  • Draw three horizontal lines of the torso, including the shoulder, the waist, the hips. Consider the distance these three between the lines.
    (The distance between the shoulder and waist is 1/5 head height, the distance between the waist to the hip is 1 head height)
  • Now rotate all three lines to the desired axis. The waist and the hip lines should be rotated in the same direction and parallel to each other, the shoulder line always title these axes in opposite way to maintain realism in pose and have it look natural.
  • You should indicated the center line (vertical balance line). The center line should be perpendicular to the shoulder, waist, and hip lines. As a result draw curve line for center line.
  • Mark the width of shoulder, waist and hip which as 2 heads, 1 head and 1 1/4 head and 2 head.
  • connect the points though the lines to complete torso structure.

The center line should be perpendicular to shoulder, waist and hip lines, therefore It should be drawn like S curve.

Movement in joint

The movement of torso is not enough for drawing the prefect pose. So you should be able to add movement to arms and legs.

The movement of a bone with a joint, similar to the center of the circle and its radius. Therefore, to determine the exact location of the next joint for the movement of the arm and leg, imaging a circle with the center of its joint. To better understand the problem, consider the following figures carefully.

How to draw different pose in figures leg

  • Identify the middle point of the underwear. Draw a line from the midpoint of the underwear to the knee with the length of two heads and a line from knee to ankle with Draw two legs  in your desired form and direction.
  • Draw a small circle for your knees and ankles.
  • Design muscles around line as described in Drawing Fashion Figures Muscles
  • Draw the foot in half or 1 head ( 1 head if you want to draw high heels)

You can draw the leg of the taller, but do not forget that the distance between the Groin and the knees should not be more than the distance between the knees and the wrists.

Draw figures arm in different poses

Drawing arms is similar to legs.

  • First draw small circle under shoulder tip.
  • From the center of this circle draw line to the elbow.
  • Indicated the location of elbow with another small circle.
  • Draw a line form the elbow to the desired location of wrist.
  • Finally draw muscles for the arm.

It is very helpful to look for different pose on magazine of internet and try to draw them. After a while you you start to learn the technical aspects of each pose and you will be able to draw them with no reference.

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