How To Draw Female Face - Tutorial For Beginners

Draw Face For Fashion Figure

How to draw face for fashion figure - Tutorial for begineers

Hello friends, Last week I thought you how to draw fashion figure without guideline. This time, I ‘ll be going into detail on drawing fashion face and show you the easy way to draw face. You can design fashion figure without face but by drawing beautiful face, your designs will be more impressive. Above all, the Fashion face is one of the key areas where fashion designers can incorporate their own style.

bellow, I ‘ll show you the step-by-step progress of how to draw face in portrait and front view.

The Proportions of the face in Portrait view

  • Draw the upside down egg shape for face as described in Planning fashion figure’s body.
  • Draw horizontal line in middle of face to divide the face length into two equal parts. This line is called the eye line because the eyes illustrated in this line.
  •  Divide the distance between the eyes and the chin into 5 equal section.
    • The nose is located in 2/5 down from eye line to the chin.
    • The length of the ears is equal to the length of the nose, from eye line to 2/5 down to the chin.
    • The lips are located in section 3/5 .
    • The chest curve is located in section 4/5.o
Proportion of face in front view - Tutorial for beginners
  • Divide the distance between the top of the head and the eye line into 5 equal sections.
    • Top 1/5 is the hairline.
    • The Eyebrow is located in 4/5.

Head Width in Fashion Design

  • Divide the eye line into 5 equal parts.
  • The size of an eye is 1/5 width of the head
  • Between two eyes should 1/5 head width distance.
  • The nose width is equal to eye width. Draw two parallel lines from the corner of eyes down to the nose line ,it indicate nose width.
  • The width of the lips is 2/5 head width. Draw two parallel lines from the pupil down lip section to indicated lips width.

These proportions are adapted from the form and size of the Greek statues, since these statues have always been approved by the artists in terms of neutrality.

How to design a fashion figures brow

  • Draw the arc to indicated the Shape of eyebrow, then with tiny lines draw and fill it.
  • Do not draw border for eyebrows.
  • The size of the eyebrow is slightly larger than the size of the eyes.
  • The inner corner of the eye and eyebrows are in the same direction, but the outer corner of the eyebrow extends further away from the outer point of the eye.

How to Draw Eye For Fashion Figures

  • Draw almond shape for eyes, which tapers off into the tear duct at the ends closer to the center of the face
  • The iris width is 1/3 of the width of the eye and is placed approximately in the middle of the eye.
  • The pupil is inside the iris. Draw C  for pupil and then fill the inside of it. A part of the pupil should remain white to reflect the light reflection.
  • Color the iris with lines to reveal colored capillaries.
  • To draw the upper eyelid, complete the circular shape of the iris with a dot, the eyelid should be above the dotted point.
  • For drawing eyelashes, Draw slightly curved lines started below the eyelid, the eyelashes will be louder in the outer corner of the eye.
  • You can draw eyelashes for the lower eyelid
How to draw eye- tutorial for beginners

Drawing lips for fashion Face

  • Follow the steps below to draw the lips. Keep in mind, the lips are very tiny and doing all these details is not possible.
How to draw mouth - tutorial for beginners

How to design a nose

  • For a better understanding of how to draw the nose, consider the three circles below.
  • For the ball of the nose Draw circle at the middle.
  • For the wings draw two smaller circles. the place where these two circles are in contact with the middle circle, draw nostrils.  The nose of fashion figure is very tiny, therefore you should draw only the form of the nose as picture bellow.
How to draw nouse- tutorial for beginners

Draw ear for fashion figure

  • The ear in the front view is shaped like an oval, with 1/4 its length.
  • For fashion figure ears is very small therefore you don’t need to add detailed folds to the ear. Hence to drawing the fashion figure’s ear, the picture in right is ok.
How to draw ear- tutorial for beginners

How to design a hair for fashion figure

The last step to draw figure is the hair.  In the hair design, keep in mind the following points.

  • Always draw hair in the direction of hair grows. whether the hair is short or long.
  • Draw lines for hair started form parting in your chosen place.
  • It should be a slight distance between the two sides of the hair parting.
  • Draw hair in various size and shaped clumps, starting with several hair strands from a single point

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