How to draw Drapes & Folds | Fashion Design course

How to draw Drapes & Folds | Fashion Design course

Hi Darlings, One of challenging part of designing clothes is drawing drapes and folds but don’t worry today I will teach you how to draw Drapes and Folds on the garments. Consider the following key points to learn how to draw clothes and garments for your fashion figure.

How to Draw Drapes and folds on a garments


You have to study and understand the fabric you are going to design. It is better to have the fabric around when you are designing; you can play with it and understand how it look like when drape or fold; So you can draw it easily


You should consider how fabric falls. It depends on the kind of fabric and pose the croquis is making

In the left side pic I draw Organza skirt, If you have a piece of organza test it , you will see doesn’t drape or fold so I draw big round rolling drapes for it. In a right side pic I draw satin skirt. Satin is heavy and drapey so it fall against the body

Note : Don’t forget to follow the general shape of skirt hem and direction of last fitted place.

draw drapes depended on fabric
Draw drapes appeared by joint moves.

Everything wrinkles at bent and make your wrinkles follow the wrap around

Any time the joint moves, at least one wrinkle appears. Wrinkles look different depending on the fabric you choose but you will have wrinkles on every joint.
Remember : wrinkles aren’t strength, they follow the curve of whatever you are wrapping around

Consider pull from the direction the body parts are moving

The pulls show you the direction of body is moving, and how to fabric moves with that body, and how it is affected by gravity. In Fact it is the direction of body parts.

draw drapes created by direction of body

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