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How to Draw clothes on bodies

Hi friends, Today you will learn how to wrap and draw clothes around body so bodies look like wearing clothes and the garments look 3D. The key point is the designing Horizontal Lines of Clothing. Imagine human body as cylinders so by learning how to wrap clothes around the body cylinder you can draw clothes look 3D.

How to Draw Horizontal Lines of Clothing

Imagine you are looking at a barrel and your eye is on the center of it. The rings of the barrel which is in eye level look like straight horizontal line, Rings above your eye level curve upward and the further away have more curve. The rings below your eye level, curve downward and the further away have more curve.

Rings of the barrel

Apply this rule to figures body, pretend waist is on eye level so any line above waist line is curved upward, and any lines under waist line curving downward and as it go down curves more.

Note : the curve should be perpendicular to the limb, for example in front curve should be perpendicular to center line. In the foot the curve should be perpendicular to the direction of the limb.

Drawing neck lines :

If you look at someone in profile view you see Neck step forward , so you have to dress for shortening. If you imagine neck as a cylinder because it is step forward and the opening of cylinder will be on the top so the line on the neck will follow the opening curve and are curve downward.

Foreshortened arm:

Imagine arm or forearm as cylinder, the opening cylinder is the closest side of arm of forearm. So the curve will follow the opening.

Foreshortened leg in walking figure:

in the walking pose one leg scrunch so much so the curves are more rounded comparing the other leg

Tips for drawing clothes on model back pose

Drawing clothes on the Back of the figure

For the back of the figure the direction of curve lines in torso are opposite of front but the legs direction doesn’t change. It means any line Above the waist line the curve downward and any lines below the waist line curve upward.


Drawing the neck lines from back view : the base of the neck is closest so the curve should be upwarded

Drawing clothes for the figure In the side view :

as you learned in the torso the curves direction are opposite in front and back so   you should connect curving up in front to curving down in back above the waistline and connect curving down in front and curving up in back. Curve line in arm and leg is same as front pose.

Tips for drawing clothes on model side pose


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