How to Draw Back View of Fashion Figure Without Guidelines

Drawing Back View without Guidelines

How to draw female back view without guidelines

Hi, Today you will Learn how to draw back view without guideline. In my previews back pose tutorial you learn how to draw back pose in 10 head proportion. But this time we will design figure in more realistic 8.5 head proportion. This is very simple tutorial for beginners. Drawing the back view pose is similar to front pose. Therefore if you got enough experience in drawing female front pose take your pencil and follow the steps bellow.


Drawing back view pose

  • Draw the upside down egg shape for figure’s head. In the middle of head draw ear in one side and mirror it in the opposite side.
  • The hairline is started just above the ears. Draw the hairline in the shape of a triangle with the doted line.
  • The width of the neck is 1/2 head width. Draw two curved line in 1/2 head length.
  • Draw curve lines with gentle slope form the neck to the shoulder tip. Remember the width of shoulder in 1 head width in each side.
  • Draw the location of spine form bellow the neck to the waist. You should add shadow while coloring.
  • Draw the Shoulder blades in L shape . Shoulder blades are located at the top of line three.

Draw Lower body of female back

  • Find approximate position of crotch witch is 4 4 head down form the top. Draw a 1/4 head width line.
  • From the armpit draw curve line to the waist. ( Armpit is 1/2 head bellow the arm sockets. The waist is half way between armpits and hip)
  • Draw anther curved line from waist to the knee.
  • Draw the outside leg curving out  the cap muscles and in at the ankle
  • for the inside of leg Draw the line form crotch line to the knee and form knee to ankle.
  • Indicate back of knee with /_\  lines


  • Do the same step for the other side.
Drawing booty
  • Draw two half circle on each side of crotch line to indicate the cheeks.
  • Draw panty and bold the small section of cheeks.
Drawing booty of fashion figure - back view - fashion design tutorial

Drawing hands in back pose

  • Draw curve line from shoulder tip to elbow and from elbow to wrist of the hand. ( the elbow is in the level of the waistline)
  • To design the inside of the hand, draw line From armpit which is under the breast to elbow and the wrist.
  • Draw the hands indicated the figures. ( keep in mind in back view the thumb is not be seen)
  • Draw the other arm.

Drawing Feet in Back View

  • For Drawing the back view of foot .Draw half Circle for heel. Draw foot just like foot in front view.
  • Erase under the shoe line because is not seen in back view

As you can see, the design of female back view is similar to design of the female front view. The only difference parts is marked in bold text. Therefore, with these few steps, you can design the back view. After practicing you will be able to add gesture and different pose in back view.


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