Drafting tube Skirt pattern in Muller drafting method - Pattern Design

Tube Skirt Pattern Design

Hello friends, In this tutorial I will learn you how to design Tube skirt pattern in muller drafting method. Tube skirt is one of the ten basic skirts so by learning this design techniques, you will be able to design any kind of skirt patterns. Drafting  tube skirt pattern is very simple, all you need is a base skirt pattern. If you have not yet designed the base pattern, read the previous post and follow the design instruction.

Tools and supplies for Drafting tube skirt pattern

  • Basic Skirt Pattern
  • Ruler
  • Hip Curve Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Instruction for tube skirt pattern Design

The tube skirt pattern is very simple. By drawing two lines, the base skirt pattern turns into a crochet skirt.

  • (P-T) : 3 to 4 cm down
    For people with full thigh, T can be pull down from 3 centimeters to 8 centimeters.
  • (O-M) : 2 to 3 cm
  • (O-N) : 2 to 3 cm
    Now, for people with thin slim legs, line up the points M and N to point T. (Left pattern)
    For people with fat and thighs, instead of the straight line, attach the M and N points to the point T with the hip curve ruler.(Right pattern)

It is done, Your tube skirt pattern is finished. 

After closing the darts you may face with an incorrect the waistline curve witch changed to broken line. It means your basic skirt pattern waistline curve didn’t designed currently.

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Will you specify where exactly to locate point O?

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