DIY Simple Maternity Dress From Sketch to pattern

DIY Simple Maternity Dress

If you are lucky lady like me who is pregnant, you may be upset about finding clothes while your belly grows. Don’t worry, you will learn how to create this chic but simple maternity dress in three steps; sketching, pattern making and sewing.

Maternity Dress
Sketch to Pattern

Learn how to DIY maternity dress in easy steps just like fashion designers.
Hi friends, It is my first DIY project. I decided to choose easy and comfortable dress for my first tutorial and as I am 8 month pregnant what is better than maternity dress. I hope you like it, make it and enjoy wearing it.

I love sewing and creating my own dress, It was a great hobby for me since my childhood. I made clothes using commercial burda pattern and never tried to create my own sewing pattern until I decided to launch Creating sewing pattern gives you a freedom and ability to create your imagination. I am at the beginning of the fashion designing, I will improve myself and I hope you follow me I this sweet journey.

My DIY project is divided into three sections. Sketching, Pattern making and Sewing. In the first section I sketch the dress and you will learn how to draw it. In the second section will be posted later you will learn how to make sewing pattern for it and in the last section you will learn sewing tip and the finished garment.

First Section: Sketch

The first step is designing pregnant female figure. I am not good at drawing pregnant female figure so I draw female relax standing pose and add some curve on her belt to show the baby bump. Drawing clothes on models body is challenging but don’t worry I will learn you how to draw more natural and 3D dress in the next posts.
Please send me your sketches I will be very happy to share them in the next blog post.

sketch maternity dress

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