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Color skin with markers and Colored Pencil

A step by step tutorial on how to color skin with markers and colored pencils.

Hello, today I show you how to color skin with markers and colored pencils. It is supper easy tutorial and final result is  look very realistic. Draw a fashion figure without guide lines and follow steps bellow to learn how to draw skin tones. It is the best tutorial for painting fashion figures skin.


Tools and Materials Used to color skin with markers and colored pencils

  1. You need two maker in same skin-tone, one of them a little bit darker than the other, for adding shade to the skin.The lighter is for base color and darker one is for applying the skin shadows.
  2. Kneaded eraser to gently lift the sketch pencil lines and leave a very light line of drawing.
  3. faber-Castell Colored pencils in different brown tone.

Coloring skin tones

  • Roll a cylinder of kneaded eraser over your sketch to lift pencil line and leave very light pencil sketch.  As a result It doesn’t smudge the graphite when applying color.

In using markers, you should consider the following points

  1. Before the base color dry on the paper, apply the second marker over it.
  2. If you apply second layer of same marker, it will add more depth and create a darker tone.
  3. Apply the marker close to the sketch lines so that the marker does not cross the line. Because if draw on the line, it may open up the line.


  • Choose the lighter color of marker for the base color. I use e KureColor marker number 423 for the base color, starting to paint the skin with oval motions.

Before the marker have a chance to dry, you should use a darker tone marker. Therefore the entire body should not be painted in same time. Hence you should color just a part of the body like a hand or foot then apply the shadow and after finishing that start the second part.

Color skin with KureColor markers

Effective Tips on Creating Shadows with markers

In designing a bright shadow, observe the following points to make your design more natural.

  1. For your illustration, consider a hypothetical light source, the parts of the body or clothing that are closer to the light source should be brighter, and areas that are far away from the light source should be darker.
  2. The bulging area of the body or garment should be lighter and the dense points should be darker. For example, chest, thighs, knees should be brightness and inside the hand, bottom of breast, the armpit, underside of clavicle and the line of crotch should be darker.
  3. If parts of the body or garments are put together,  the underlying part will be darker than the upper part.
  • For a shading, I used the KureColor 425 marker. And I have considered the light source from top right.
  • Before dyeing the base marker on the paper, take the darker marker and shade the areas should be darker.

Under the jaw, bottom of breast, the armpit, underside of clavicle and the line of crotch should be darken. For a showing the abdomen muscles, you can apply the darker marker with a mid-line of the abdomen or with two lines on the sides of the abdomen.

  • In creating a shadow, there should not be any discriminating boundary between the dark and light color, therefore before the marker dry on the paper, apply  base color marker to the border of the dark marker to fade it.
Color Skin with markers

Apply color pencil over the marker

  • For more effects, you can use the colored pencil to shade. The Faber-Castell color pencil is best because of its softness. the several level of colored pencils are well combined.
  • Depending on the tonality and the amount of darkness you are looking for, use a brown ton of color pencil. I used the pencil numbers 188 and 189

You can use only one color pencil. The the number of pencil is completely depending on your desire.

  • In the darker areas of skin, which you added dept with markers, color with pencil. you can add more value with darker pencils.

Important points for shading with a color pencil

  1. Creating different values ( darkness and lightness of color) of color is depending on how hard you press down pencil on the paper.
    Press hard for darker area and press lighter for lighter value.
  2. Do slowly and patiently.
  3. Pull the pencil over the paper in one direction.
  4. Do not paint all skin with pencil.

punch outlines

With the darkest brown colored pencil, you can draw outlines just for the parts of the body that is darker.

Learn how to draw fashion sketches using colored pencils.

It is simple way to color skin with markers and colored pencils.You need to exercise and perseverance to achieve the desired result.  In the next post I will teach you how to color figure’s face

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