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Drawing Hair with Markers and Colored pencils

Drawing and coloring the hair

Designing and coloring the hair may look simple, but there are certain techniques that you will not achieve the desired result without following it in the design of the hair. To design different types of hair, several basic principles are sufficient to fully recognize these principles in hair design training. But I’m going to teach you different modes of hair in separate posts for a better understanding of how to design different types of hair and its peculiarities.

As a designer, you have to design a beautiful hair for your figure, but you should not spend much time designing hair curbs. Your goal is to design and create clothes, not hair design. Hence, I teach the easiest and fastest method of drawing and coloring hair. Of course, as a beginner, you have to spend more time paying the hair, but after experience, try to design your figures hair as quickly as possible.

How to Draw any type of hair

Drawing hair is done after designing the face detail. But for practicing on how to draw hair, drawing  just an oval for face is enough.

The same steps is used to design a variety of hairstyles including curly hair, short hair, long hair or layered hair. For drawing any type of hairstyles you need to follow these steps.

  1. Pick the forehead : Draw a line on where the forehead is going to be
  2. Draw the shape of your hair.
  3. Draw line for hair parting.

Drawing the shape of the hair is very important, because it gives you the general idea of what you want to hair look.

  • Draw an oval for face.
  • Pick the forehead and draw a line
  • Draw a line for hair parting
  • Draw the shape of our hair. It is important because can see how the hair is going to balance and the general idea of how you want the hair look.

If you Choose side part for your figures hair, The side part line should curve  toward the opposite direction. So for the left side part, it should be curved to right side.

Hair drawing tutorial for beginners
Step by step tutorial for drawing hair
drawing and coloring hair with markets
  • Draw where the hair is going to flow in the front. Start from the forehead and brink it down.
  • Draw every big segments of hair.
  • After Drawing all big segments of hair add derail with thin lines
  • Make some gaps in your figures hair to show the hair split and recombine.
    It makes to look cute.
  • Draw random free strands of hair. adding free strands causes hair look more messy and natural.
    There free Strands should be thinner than big strands.

First make the segments then add the thin lines later. The segment lines should be thick compare to usual ones.

How to Color hair with markers

After finishing the hair, It is time for coloring the hair with markers. you should keep in mind the following key points for coloring hair with markers.

  • If possible, use the markers with brush tip. If you do not have access to the brush marker, use the wide tip of the marker.
  • Always render in the direction of hair growth.
  • For Creating the three dimension of hair shape, you should create shadow and highlights in right places.
Drawing shadow and highlight for hair
  • The hair tip and roots should be darker.
  • Hair around the face, inside  and around the ear and and neck should be darker.
  • Hair is lighter in hair curves toward the light source.
  • highlights should be in zigzag shapes.

Step by step Coloring hair with markers

  • Roll a cylinder of kneaded eraser over your sketch to lift pencil lines and leave very light pencil sketch. As a result It doesn’t smudge the graphite when applying marker.
  • Start for the head part in the forehead and render in the direction of hair growth
  • Leave zigzag white space in highlight place, where hair lift up  and curve towards the light.
  • Render up and down in the direction of hair and leave white zigzag bar for highlights.
  • Marker color get darker when you layering it.  Therefore use this technique to get the color variations for darker areas like big segments of hair.
  • Leave some white space between strands.

you can add more texture by darker marker by layering darker areas.

Drawing hair with Colored Pencils

For more realistic look. you user Colored pencil.

with a Colored pencil with one tone darker, darken tips and roots and inside the hair.

Darken the lines of hair sections with sharp darker pencil

Draw a free strands to gave more natural look with darker and sharp pencil.

Drawing hair - applying highlights and shadows

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