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How to Draw a face with Markers

Coloring face with markers and colored pencil

Drawing the face and coloring with markers is challenging, but with my simple tutorial you will learn how to color faces with markers and colored pencil. If you have achieved enough experience in coloring the skin tone, take your marker and colored pencil and and do the steps bellow.

Coloring the hair will be taught in separate posts because of its variety and complexity.

How to Color Faces with Markers and Colored pencils

  • First of all Draw a beautiful face.
  • Roll a cylinder of kneaded eraser over your sketch to lift pencil lines and leave very light pencil sketch. As a result It doesn’t smudge the graphite when applying marker.
  • For Coloring the figures face, you need a marker in your desired skin tone. I Choose Touch YR27 marker.
  • First, draw the parts of the face that should be darker to create shadows. There darker area’s are under the hair line, over the eyelid, nose lines, cheeks, under the chin and neck . You can use the sharp tip of the marker to have further dominate in drawing small areas.
  • Paint the entire face with the same marker except the eyes and lips.
  • with the same marker draw darker areas to add deeper shadows.

Coloring  a face with colored pencil

Now it is the time to draw with colored pencil for more realistic look. I used Faber-Castell colored pencil 187 – 189 – 280.

  • With a Faber-Castell No. 189 pencil, shade the facial parts you’ve previously darkened with the marker.
  • To determine the shape of the nose, add shadow on the sides of nose staring form the tip of the eyebrows.
  • Fill around the nose to add more shade.
  • With darker color (No:187) fill the areas that should be darker (around the nose, under the cheek, over the eyelids and neck).
  • Make sure that the brown pencil is sharp enough then paint the nose bristles with brown pencil (No:280).
  • Add more shade to around and sides of nose with the same brown pencil.
  • With the brown pencil (no 280), draw the parts of the face that should be darker.

Coloring Eye and Eyebrow

  • Color the eyebrows with a brown color pencil.
  • Color the crown of the eyebrows again with a darker pencil.

It’s time to paint the eyes. For coloring the eyes, the tip of the pencil should be sharp.

  • Color the eye iris with a desired marker.
  • For pupil a black pencil Draw C shape and fill it.
  • With one tone darker colored pencil Color the iris and draw lines to reveal colored capillaries.
  • Darken the back of the eyelid with a brown colored pencil.
  •  With a sharp black pencil draw eyelash.
  •  If you want, you can line up the corners of the eye with a 0.05 Drawing pen.

Drawing lip with markers and colored pencils

  • Use dark brown pencil for separation line in the lips and corner recesses of the mouth.
  • Color the lips with the pink marker or any color you want. Paint again with the same marker to darken.
  • For adding darker value draw with a darker colored pencil.
  • For the separation line in  the lips draw thin line with black pencil.

At the end you can shine brighter areas like on the nose, forehead and cheek with white colored pencil.

Coloring the face with markers is a bit more complicated than coloring other parts of skin So you need practice more. At the beginning, It takes  lot of time to color faces with markers and colored pencils, but over time you will gain more skill and experience therefore the speed of your operation will increase. Do not forget that you are fashion designer and you have to spend less time on figures face.

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