Drafting Basic A-line Flare Skirt - Pattern Design Tutorial

Drafting Basic A-line Flare skirt

Hello Friends, today I will teach you the simple way to draft a A-line flare skirt based on body, using your basic skirt pattern (Straight skirt sloper). The basic flare skirt pattern is one of the basic patterns without any darts in front and back, instead, from the hip-line to the hemline of the skirt, it gradually extends and take the A-shaped. The lower extension of the skirt is based on the difference between the waist and the hip line, so amount of excess will change in different people. The technique of designing a flared skirt pattern is simple and functional. You will probably use it in the other parts of garments in your future designs. For drafting flare skirt, prepare your basic skirt pattern, and follow the tutorial.

Tools and Supplies needed for drafting Flare Skirt

  • Basic Skirt Pattern
  • Ruler
  • Colored pattern Paper for fullness
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Glue

Process of basic flare skirt pattern design

  • Trace the basic skirt pattern
  • Draw lines from the dart points to the hem parallel to the center lines in both front and back pattern .
  • Cut this line from the bottom of the skirt to the tip of the dart. (Red line)
  • From dart tip, cut one side of dart legs. (Blue line)
  • Close dart, As you See the excess is transferred from waist dart to he hemline.
  • Lay pattern paper under the fullness of pattern and  glue them.
  • Cut and separate front and back pattern

Your A-line flare skirt pattern is ready.

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