Drafting A-line Skirt Based on One Dart Pattern - Pattern Design Tutorial

Drafting A-lined Skirt Pattern Type 1

Drafting A-line skirt - Pattern making Tutorial

Hello Darling, today you will learn how to draft A-line skirt based on one dart pattern. I named it A-line skirt type 1. This is one of the basic patterns that you will probably use its drafting techniques in other part of garment like slave.  A-line skirt type 1, doesn’t have any dart in front and back pattern, but it is different from basic flared Skirt. It have more sweep that the basic flared skirt.

Drafting a A-line skirt type 1 is simple, so prepare your basic skirt pattern, and follow the Steps.


Tools needed for Drafting A-line skirt - Pattern making Tutorial
  • Basic Skirt Pattern
  • Ruler
  • Colored pattern Paper for fullness
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

Drafting A-line Skirt (Type 1)

  • Trace your basic skirt pattern
  • Draw lines from the dart points to the hemlines parallel the center lines in both front and back pattern .
  • Cut this lines from the hemline of the skirt to the tip of the dart.
  • From dart tip, cut both side of dart legs.
  • Connect top of dart legs. Spread each side desired excess.
  • Lay pattern paper under the fullness of pattern and  glue them.
Drafting A-line skirt - Pattern making Tutorial
  • Cut and separate front and back pattern
  • Your pattern is ready, the only remaining process is the remeasuring the waist-line.
Drafting A-line skirt - Pattern making Tutorial

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