How to Draft A-Line SKIRT Pattern - Pattern making tutroial

A-line Skirt Pattern with More Flare – Free Pattern Making Lessons

Drafting Basic A-line skirt pattern - Free Tutorial

Hello Darling, today I  show you the professional and supper easy method to to draft A-line skirt pattern based on two dart pattern. I named it A-line skirt type 2. This Skirt extends form waist to the hem just like A-line skirt type 1, but its fullness is twice.

For designing A-line skirt you need basic skirt pattern. so prepare your basic skirt pattern, and follow the Steps.


  • Basic Skirt Pattern
  • Ruler
  • Colored pattern Paper for fullness
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

How to make basic A-line skirt pattern

  • If you forget the width of front and back darts (dart intakes), measure and record it.
  • If it is possible erase the front and back darts.
  • measure waist guide line in both front and back pattern separately. Then divide them into three equal section. These will be the starting point of dart guidelines.
    The goal is transforming one dart skirt pattern to two dart skirt pattern.
  • Draw lines form these points to hemline parallel with center lines.
    B1 , B2 in back Pattern and F1 , F2 in front pattern
  • Divide the front dart intakes into 4. Then measure out it from each side of center-line at waist (F1 and F2).
  • Divide the back dart intakes into 4. Then measure out it from each side of center-line at waist (B1 and B2).
  • connect this points to dart points which is 3 cm up the hip-line.
  • Cut darts center line and all dart legs.
  • Connect top of dart legs. Spread each side and add desired flare.
  • Lay pattern paper under the fullness of pattern and glue it.
  • Cut and separate front and back pattern
  • Your pattern is ready, the only remaining process is the remeasuring the waist-line.

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