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About SarvinStyle

Hi, My name is Sarvin

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I Love fashion design and making my own clothes. If you have the same passion, follow my website. Here you can learn all fashion basics, drafting, sewing techniques, fashion drawing and latest fashion trends. No experience is needed with my step by step DIY projects you can design your idea and sew it.

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Fashion Drawing
Learn how to create fashion figure in different poses by step-by-step, easy methods offering free and online.
Pattern Making
Learn how to draft pattern, make basic slopers and change it variety of style offering free and online.
Learn how to sew, couture sewing and creating a perfect couture garment offering free and online.

Most Recent Fashion Tutorials

07 Oct: DIY Basic Pattern For Bodice
Today I want to unlock the secret of clothing design by showing you how to draft female bodice sloper. You will learn how to draft a perfectly fitting sloper for your own body shape and measurements. The basic bodice sloper is the base of pattern making ...
20 Sep: Overlocked Hem Finish
Hi friends, Today I want to show you how to finish raw edge of hem. finishing the hem on any project not only make inside look nicer and more professional it add durability and give your hem a longer life.  There are several methods for finishing hem including Serged overlock and Zigzag or Mock Overlock.